Premium Dexter Beef

Dexters are a native breed of the British Isles and produce the best beef around. Our cattle are grass fed all year round, having full access to fertile lowland pasture on the banks of the river Soar here in Leicestershire for the majority of the year and  housed for those wet winter months on a hay and haylage diet. 

Our beef is hung for a minimum of 21 days to enhance the unmistakable dexter beef flavour and ensure a premium quality product.

Enjoy dexter beef grown locally and naturally without grazing restraints, artificial feeding and unnecessary chemical intervention.

Our 100% grass fed beef is usually sold in mixed packs varying from 12 to 18kg depending on the size of the animal, either fresh or frozen.

Mixed packs sell at 12.00 per kg, local delivery is free.

Vacuum packed individual joints are usually available if required but please contact us first as this is not a farmshop. 

Restaurants and butchers can be supplied with half or full carcasses.

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